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Even worse performance in the new Lightroom Classic

#1 Lennart
it has been a few weeks now since Adobe split up LR into two versions and improved performance in the Classic version.
The performance gains (and sometimes loss) can be seen here for example: https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articl...2015-1065/ and it shows a significantly better performance in the developing tab. 
While this is true for me right after the launch of Lightroom, it degrades rather quickly after editing a few keyframes and switching between them to the point where it is worse than the old version of Lightroom 2015 and it takes 20-30 seconds to load a image after selecting it. 
I'm nowhere near running out of ram, though it is using about 4-6GB of it (I have 32 installed) and my CPU is hovering around 5-10% usage of lightroom. Not a lot of activity on the HDD as well. I already optimized the catalog, GPU acceleration is turned on (but seems like it does not matter at all if it is on or off, lightroom does not use my GPU). Catalog size should not be an issue as well, there are people with more than 5 million images in a catalog and it runs quick and snappy

Did anybody experience similar issues? And if yes, could you fix it and how?
I just don't know what else I could try and editing with the poor performance is not fun.

Thanks in advance!

#2 gwegner
Hmmm that's strange - I cannot say that LR CC Classic is worlds faster then the previous version, but at least it's not slower. I can work with LRTimelapse as always and I think it might be a bit faster. I've done quite extensive testing the last days since the new Lightroom version came up and with LRTimelapse everything works quite smooth.
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