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Event controlled Timelapse with LRT Pro Timer V 0.93/4

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,

Once again I got a request for an additional function of the Pro Timer from a user. He wanted to record a timelapse depending on an event. The recording should run as long as the event is active, and pause if nothing happens. In particular, they are TL videos for YouTube in which e.g. It shows how something is made or assembled. There are always breaks in which something needs to be prepared. In these pauses, the TL recording should stop and restart automatically when the activity is new. I've thought about it, found the feature very interesting and useful and came to the conclusion that a motion sensor is best suited for it.
In the Arduino kit I was quickly found and have opted for a HC-SR501 infrared motion sensor. This works with 5V and has a very low power consumption. This enabled the sensor to be powered by configuring a pin of the 2nd camera port as an output. The second pin of the camera port is configured as input and thus serves as input for the sensor signal.

I have created a new version 0.93 / 4 for this purpose and installed another screen in the setup menu in which you can configure the 2nd port as "Camera 2" or "Sensor Input". If "Sensor Input" has been configured, recording will only be activated in the current TL if a high signal (motion detected) is present at the sensor input.
To prevent malfunctions, this setting is not saved in the EEPROM and must be set again each time the PT is switched on!

Details on the structure and operation can be found in the attached PDF.
If interested in a motion sensor as presented here, just PM or email me.

Now one or the other PT user will think, great feature, I would like to have, but how do I get this hardware extension out.
But even for this there is a simple solution! Just watch the next thread of mine "LRT Pro Timer Hardware Extension" !!!

This extends the functionality of the Pro Timer once again with a useful function for recording special TLs. I think there is no Intervalometer this function has !!

I have attached the software 0.93 / 4 as well as a PDF with a detailed description.

Question to Gunther:
Maybe you can take the time to take a closer look at the current version and then decide if this version will be included as V 0.94 in the standard.

I would be very happy about feedbacks and suggestions !!!

Best regards,
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.zip   LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_Free_093_4.zip (Size: 16.76 KB / Downloads: 4)

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