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Export Issue (C Drive fills up)

#1 zjdoliver
Hi, I have the following...
Windows 10
Lightroom Classic release 8

I have a large timelapse and I have the project files on a extremely large drive but the C drive fills up and the export process halts. I'm assuming there is a temp folder on the C drive that is being used for the export process. I have checked all the settings both in LRTL and Lightroom and they are all configured to the extremely large drive.

Can someone tell me why the C drive is being filled up and where the setting is to change it?

#2 gwegner
When rendering, LRTimelapse uses the default temp folder on Windows/Mac and only copies the file to the final destination. If you want to change the location of the temp file you can do that in the OS settings.
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2019-08-17, 18:52
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