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Export not properly finding source files

#1 Not A Speck Of Cereal
I checked the FAQ and didn't find this.

Please refer to the attached screenshot image.

The LR Export dialog gives me the error in the attached. My source files are indeed in the project\NEF folder as you can see.

However, this folder also has other child folders that contain NEF files. The error dialog box is pointing to the first one. It is as if it is checking for the existence of NEF files in the subfolders before it checks to see if there are NEF files (as well as a .lrt folder) in the current folder.

WORKAROUND: I moved the two folders (121ND850 and 122DN850) completely out of the tree and the error went away, the export succeeded.

This was annoying because a) I was doing everything right, selecting the proper child folder (as indicated by the successful WORKAROUND), and b) there is good reason to keep folders of NEF files under my main NEF folder, in respect to neat hierarchical source-file storage practices (not a big deal, but I had good logical reason to be storing them this way).

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#2 gwegner
Sorry, but one of the most important rules when working with LRTimelapse is, to use single child forders for your sequences. Otherwise you might get a bunch of problems - it will definitely break the export like you are experiencing it.

The whole idea in the LRTimelapse workflow is that you have a well named folder, with your source files (not NEF, or 101D850 etc. but for example 2018-10-03_Sunset-Atacama or whatever). This name will then migrate through the workflow until the final video creation and make it much easier to keep track of files which belong together plus save a lot of time with having to retype file or foldernames. Trust me, that makes a lot of sense and saves a lot of time.

It's not a bug - it's a feature. :-)
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