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#1 newlife
Sorry if I missed an answer to this already posted. When trying to export from LR so the video can be rendered I get an error dialogue box that says LR can't export from a collection. It wants me to rightclick on a pic and go to folder in library. This seems to negate LRT processing. The "Name of the Sequence" box is greyed out with                        <collection> inside. I have the LRT5 plugin installed.
#2 yrunde
when you import into LR the default view (on the left) is under "Catalog - Previous Import" - LRTimelapse wants you to go to a proper folder (under "Folders").

Even if you ignore this it's fine, you can just export and manually render from within LRTimelapse. It's most useful for batch exporting so that LR will automatically name the intermediaries and can autorender.
#3 gwegner
It's useful for singe exporting too, since otherwise the exporter won't know the name of the sequence.

I recommend to turn of "Select the Current/Previous Import Collection during import" in the Lightroom settings, to prevent Lightroom from selecting this collection after importing.
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