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Export size of JPGs and copyright notice

#1 Nikki

I only found a large centered copyright notice for LRTimelaspe in rendering videos. I would like to make a custom copyright notice that is smaller and at the bottom of the video file. Is this possible in LRTimelapse video render?

If not possible to export custom copyright notice, I would like to use the copyright notice in Lightroom when exporting JPG files. I would like to copy the settings for the LRT (JPG, 4K) file size. When I view the metadata it says those files are 4096x2731 and 609 ppi. Would this be the correct size and settings to match the LRT (JPG, 4K) export?

#2 gwegner
Hi Nikki,
LRTimelapse's videos and and especially the exported image sequences are master files for further usage. If you render a watermark into those, you'll never be able to get rid of it again, unless you export again.
Normally the idea would be to leave those clean, and add anything later in video processing.
Apart from that I'm not a big fan of such watermarks because the disturb the viewer and don't prevent anyone from stealing your work.
The big copyright watermark that LRTimelapse offers is just to be able to export high resolution versions for clients that haven't payed already. After they payed, you would export without that mark.
I don't recommend to create own presets for the LRTimelapse export also because you'd possibly loose the additional features that the exporter does in background.
Bottomline: If you really would like to add such signatures, do it in a video processor and you will keep the flexibility. But think of it once more, if it's really a good idea.
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#3 Nikki
Thanks so much. That makes sense.

How can I create the small copyright in video editing program?

What are the settings for the JPG files so I can create my own small low opacity watermark for this one specific project?

What are the additional features of the LRTimelapse export?

Thanks again!

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