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#1 Richard Pollak
Since using LRTimelapse 4 (and now LRTimelapse 5), I have noticed that when I attempt to export photos unrelated to LRTimelapse from Lightroom Classic to an external hard drive, I am no longer given the option to export "originals".  I am offered Lightroom Presets:  Burn Full-Sized JPEGs (which is for CD or DVD, not hard drive), Export to DNG, For Email, For Email (Hard Drive); and LRTimelapse: LRT (JPG, 4K), LRT (JPG,Ori), etc.  In order for me to export originals to an external drive (eg. to transfer to another computer), I have to reset all the images, then copy them to the external drive.  Before installing LRTimelapse, I had the option to export in any format, modify the quality, etc.  That export dialogue box is gone.  I've been a Mac user for years and just went to Windows 10, so I am quite naive in this format and am probably missing something "obvious".  Thanks for your help.  Rick
#2 gwegner
LRTimelapse is certainly not removing any options from Lightroom.

This is unrelated to LRTimelapse but if you want to export Original from Lightroom, make sure to have selected "Export To Harddrive" at the top of the Lightroom export dialog, and then under File Settings/Image Format/Original.
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