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Exporting multiple timelapse sequences to ProRes

#1 tlvideo
Previously my usual workflow was as follows:
Put different sequences to different folders > edit all with LRT and LR > export all sequences at once to JPG files - I chose "same as original folder" option as destination, so I got every sequence in different folders. 
Today I tried that with LRT exporter to ProRes and it seems it doesn't work like that. I can export just one video file at the same time? I mean I can't make a queue of different sequences?

Tomasz Walczak
#2 gwegner
Currently with LRTExport you have to export every sequence separately. But you can launch multiple exports one after the other and they will be exported in parallel by Lightroom and then rendered automatically by LRTimelapse.
I don't think it's a good idea to export into the original folder.
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