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Exporting question

#1 lightpanther
Hi Gunther.

This is  a great program. Thanks very much for developing it.

Now I've tried it on a couple of lapses, I do have a question I am not completely clear on. When we export from LR to LRT, this being the most time consuming step, (with visual previews probably the second most time-intensive), after you render the video, is there a way to render it again with different settings from the dialog, without having to go back and re-export. In other words is the original export stored somewhere, where it can possibly be recalled, even in a new session? When I click on "render video" in LRT (after rendering one time) it wants me to go back to LR to develop again (and presumably export again, with the same time penalty).

Related to this is, if we make a whole bunch of developments and we later want to tweak them without beginning again from scratch for that particular timelapse sequence and we DO want to re-export, where exactly are the original developments saved, and can they be recalled to Lightroom, again even in a new session?

I'm sure the answers are straightforward, but I'm a bit confused by it.

PS glad to see you got rid of the site hacker quickly!
#2 MMeier

You can render the sequences several times. When exporting the pictures in LR a new folder starting with „LRT“ and the name of your sequence will be created. To render the sequence again you open the render dialogue in LRT and choose the folder „LRT....“ and the settings you wish and start the render process.

Best regards

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#3 gwegner
Additionally, if you want to save the whole edits of a sequence, use the snapshot feature in LRTimelapse (toolbar above the table, on the very right). This allows you to save all edits of a sequence in a snapshot that you can revert to later.
Of course, after reediting the keyframes, you will have to resume the Workflow in LRT from the second workflow-row and reexport from Lightroom via LRTExport.
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