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External Intervalometer Recommendation for Nikon D850

#1 cachewest
I just purchased the Nikon D850 and am looking for an External Intervalometer.  Any recommendations?  Specifically, one that will be able to trigger the camera in .5 second intervals like the built-in intervalometer.  Thanks.
#2 gwegner
I don't know of any commercially available Intervalometer that can do fractions of a second. Check out my open source project: https://lrtimelapse.com/lrtimelapse-pro-timer-free/
It's easy to build and does everything you would like an intervalometer to do! :-)
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#3 Kers
the D850 camera has a new silent interval shooting feature.
The aperture stays at its place and only the electronic shutter is used.
I will have a look about the battery consumption.

...also check out: