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external storage/qDSLR problem?

#1 Poony
Im new to LRT, and shot my 1st 24 hr lapse recently, throwing up a storage space problem. Im hoping someone can help.

I shot at 5 sec intervals, so over 24 hrs alot of shots. So to shoot 14000 odd RAW files was alot of gb, and i was forced to shoot in JPG small.


.....because when using qDSLR I'm unable to use the Canon software on my laptop in sync which allows me to offload the shot RAW files directly to my laptop HDD.
The driver for qDSLR does not allow the Canon utility to communicate with the camera. To use the Canon utility I have to uninstall the qDSLR driver and reinstall the Canon driver.

Thus the memory card size is irrelevant, allowing me to shoot very high amounts of RAW files. But with qDSLR DB attached I cant command the camera to store the shots directly to the laptops HDD and have to store them to the card, which is highly restricting.

Am I missing something within qDSLR DB which will allow me to store files directly to the device running qDSLR DB?

The camera in question is a 650d.
Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

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