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Extra frames added in render creates stuttery playback

#1 truelife
Total newbie here, just purchased LRT4 Pro and ran my first sequence through which, compared to what many of you do is likely not worth much, but I'm generally happy with it- it was shot with a Ramper Pro going from day to night and back to day and onto night again over 40 hours from a lighthouse, matching images in LR, exporting as JPGs and then stitching two images together in PTGui before sending back to LRT4 for final adjustments. I wouldn't go to JPG except that PTGui doesn't handle RAW well and because it's a panorama, it necessitates that I have to adjust both sides of the image simultaneously.

In LRT, I followed the instructional video and thought I did it all right, allbeit with JPGs- but when I exported it appears that LRT has created additional frames that go backwards in time, resulting in stuttery playback.

Why would this happen and how do I fix? My initial idea is I could rename these frames, but it's very time consuming to manually go through and fix these. Is there a reason that my sequence (which was sequentially correct upon import) was exported incorrectly with extra frames?
#2 gwegner
Normally LRTimelapse will not create any extra frames. I rather guess it's something with the sort order. Your workflow is quite complicated so you'd have to be extra carefully with the sorting. Normally LRTimelapse sorts by exif-date/time and not by filename. So you'd have to take care that the stiched images have the right timestamp so that they are still in order. Or you would make sure you have an alphabetical numbering 00001-xxxxx for the files so that they are in order.

I'd do the following: check if the files are still in order in LRTimelapse. Then check if they are still in order in Lightroom (you can change the ordering via the toolbar in Lightroom). LRTExport will export in the order that it finds in Lightroom and redo the numbering for the exported intermediary sequence (LRT_00001...).

Sorry, there's a lot of guessing from my side, it would be easier for me to help if I had some more information.
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#3 truelife
You are correct- it's a complicated workflow and I didn't "sort by File Name" in LR which accounted for the files being out of order.
Thank you!

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