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Eye Icon / DNG Converter Icon Dancing in Dock

#1 kaigradert
When clicking the "EYE" icon in LRT4, the DNG Converter icon starts "dancing" in the dock.
#2 nedleary
Mine does same thing.
#3 gwegner
This is an apple thing, I've tried to work around it, and on my mac system it does not do this anymore by default. But obviously there are systems where it still pops up the icon.
You can either live with it for now or you can prevent DNG Converter from doing this, like explained here:
Please make sure to edit the info.plist of the DNGConverter (NOT LRTimelapse!)

Update: there is a small tool also, that seem to do the job: https://www.cultofmac.com/202024/hide-th...os-x-tips/
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