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Feature request: show EV (Exposure Value) for each shot

#1 mdc1138
In some of the work I'm doing, it would be helpful to know the EV (Exposure Value) for each shot, so I can correlate between different shots.

Perhaps after Aperture/Shutter/ISO, since that is what it is derived from.

To get really fancy, one value for as shot, and another with the exposure compensation factored in - so Original EV and Altered EV.

-mike curtis
#2 gwegner
I don't really see yet, how this could be useful. Of course the EV could be calculated - but it won't have any relation to the actual brightness of the image, since it would only reflect the camera settings. Depending on the luminance of the scene, the image can be darker or brighter with the same EV setting. That's why I can't see how this would help to "correlate between different shots".
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