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ffmpeg uses only 2 Cores during rednering

#1 drevil75

one Question. During the rendering uses ffmpeg only 2 Cores (of 6/12 Cores/Threads MacPro 2013).
When i analyze the ffmpeg Processcall, i can see that there is no Parameter -threads 0 or > 0.

Is it possible to raise the Core usage for ffmpeg? Is 2 Cores a default-Value in ffmpeg?
I'm pretty sure, that the rendering was faster in an earlier Version.

#2 gwegner
Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the threads parameter. I've already done a lot of experimenting trying to make ffmpeg use more cores, but unfortunately the way it's implemented and the way LRTimelapse uses it for some advanced post processing stuff kinda makes it behave like it does. I'll still be trying to improve this but currently I don't have any other idea, I'm afraid.
But be sure, I'm aware of the fact and have it on my agenda.
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