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Firmware 2.5 R16

#1 gwegner
2.5r16 is a small update, which mainly fixes a bug in Bulb/Open End mode.
  • In Bulb/Open End mode, the timer falsely displayed a "finished"-screen if the user had set a number of shots in before in another mode. Fixed.
  • For very special purposes, you can now increase the resolution for settings interval and exposure to 1/100s in Custom mode. You activate this high res mode in the settings under "Custom Resolution". Please note, that the timer is not designed to deliver accurate intervals and exposures in 1/100 resolution.
You'll find the download and instructions on how to update the firmware here: https://lrtimelapse.com/lrtpt/firmware-updates/
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Thank you for the 1/100s setting. It does help me in getting more accurate timing for my work.


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