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First LRT2 test...

#1 yostopia
Gunther, thank you so much for producing a well thought out and well-designed, stable software for making timelapse sequences with Lightroom! I just got my license installed 2 days ago and was excited to go out and capture some footage of the fog coming in on our local Mt. Tamalpais yesterday evening. It was a beautiful sunset, and although I forgot to bring my ND filters with me it all worked out well.


LrT2 is the greatest... really. You've done a tremendous service for the timelapse community and I look forward to using it over the next few weeks as I make a documentary about what it's like to be a fire lookout on Mt. Tam's east peak. (I'll post that here when it's done later this month.)

With much appreciation!

#2 gwegner
Thank you! Just shared it on LRTimelapse's facebook page!
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#3 apsphoto
Well done, some nice footage of the fog.

Alan Smallbone
Orange County, CA. USA

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