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For Sale - Kessler Crane equipment

#1 puravidasoul
Selling my TLS and Second Shooter. TLS purchased new in March 2016 and SS purchased used at that same time. $850 for the TLS and $650 for the SS. TLS comes with 2 rails, 3' and 6', outrigger feet, extra drive belts, 1 mag pak battery, low profile ball head, flat mount adapter and power cable. The SS comes with the pan tilt head, 1 mag pak battery, cables, hard case, ac adapter. Feel free to message me with any questions. Buyer to pay shipping.  I'm in western Connecticut and could meet local buyers, including in NYC.  Everything is in excellent condition and works flawlessly.  I just don't shoot much anymore and am looking to recover some of my costs.  Thanks.
#2 Jesse Rockwell
Hello. I may be interested. Is it still available?
#3 puravidasoul
Hi. Yes, it's available.
#4 Jesse Rockwell
PMed you. Thanks

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