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Free Music Resource - Over 1500 Tracks

#121 Eric Matyas
Hi Everyone,

This week's brand new free tracks are:

"A Thousand Exotic Places"
on my Events/Travel 2 page:

"4.2 Light Years" (Looping)
"Lost and Faltering"
on my Sci-Fi 7 page:

If you guys need some custom tracks created, I'm doing those as well at very low cost. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. Just let me know! :-)
#122 Eric Matyas
Happy Wednesday Everyone,

I've added a couple of new pages to my site to (hopefully) make some of my tracks a bit easier to find. They are:

AERIAL / DRONE (1 & 2)


That said, here are this week's new free tracks:

"Techno Caper" (looping version)
on my Action page:

"Technoscape_v001" (standard and looping)
on my Corporate page:

"The Secret Lab"
on my Dark/Ominous 2 page:

"Palin' Around Paris"
on my Positive/Upbeat page:

"Future Noir"
on my Sci-Fi 7 page:

Don't forget, if anyone needs some custom tracks created, I'm doing those at very low cost as well. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. Just let me know! :-)
#123 Eric Matyas
Hi Everyone,

This week's new free tracks are a lot of fun. We have:

"THE ARCADE SPACEMAN" – (Looping) – In the year 20 billion! …Okay, maybe 1982. …Anyhow, this might be fun in a space game or app.
It lives on my Chiptunes 2 page:

"OVER THE POLAR MOUNTAIN" – (Looping) – The child dreams of the tiny train, under icy moonlight, making its way across the great polar North. It struggles up the enormous mountain, finally reaches the top and then chugs down the other side.

"OF DREAMS AND GAMES" – (Looping) – Might sound nice under the intro screens for a mystical RPG or fantasy-based game.
Both are on my Fantasy 8 page:

"THE PLASTERED PELICAN BAR AND GRILLE" – Filled with an assortment of rowdy birds, this dockside bar is quite a spectacle on Friday nights. Come to think of it, it’s a spectacle on any night.
The wild festivities are on my Funny 5 page:

"BOT BUILDERS" – (Looping) – Creating cities of tomorrow?
on my Technology 2 page:

As always, if anyone is interested in checking out some of the projects I've custom scored, you can find a brief list here with links:

#124 Eric Matyas
Kicking off September, more new free tracks are ready for your projects, including several new looping versions that will hopefully be helpful:

On my Action 3 page, we have:

WILD WEST COAST RACING 7 – (Looping) – For a nighttime stretch under the Pacific moonlight.

CHASING VILLAINS – (New Looping Version) - The Inspector is at it again!

On my Fantasy page:

CITY BENEATH THE WAVES – (New Looping Version) - Out of the murky blue, it emerges…unlike anything ever seen before. Might work in a fantasy piece, a game, or even a nature doc.

MAGIC OCEAN_v001 – (Standard and Looping) - Added ocean ambience. Could work nicely in a fantasy game, nature doc, etc.

On my Sci-Fi 7 page:

LOST AND FALTERING – (New Looping Version) - In the dead of night, the machine-being wanders the rain-soaked streets, trying to find its way back home.

And on my World page:

PALIN’ AROUND PARIS – (New Looping Version) - Two best friends…and one beautiful city…on a perfect afternoon.

Enjoy...and let me know if you need some custom tracks created! :-)
#125 Eric Matyas

I’ve had a number of requests for uncompressed versions of my tracks, so I’ve begun making them available on Gumroad for a small free to help support the site. The MP3 files that I make freely available sound very good, but the original uncompressed WAV files sound really incredible…give them a try!

If anyone is curious as to why I didn’t upload WAV files to begin with, the reason is that my web hosting service places limitations on file sizes and WAV files tend to be very large.

Anyhow, it’s going to take some time to upload everything, so if anyone has any requests for WAV versions of tracks you happen to like, just drop me an email and I’ll upload them to Gumroad for you. Feel free to convert to Ogg or any format you like.

That said, this week’s new free tracks are:

On my Sci-Fi 8 page:

EMERGING ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS – (Looping) – As they become industrialized, hopefully they won’t make the same mistakes we have.


And on my AMB - Urban Ambience page, more large city street ambience:

STREET CORNER_M-30 – Traffic, distant sirens, pedestrians, someone whistles, trucks passing, talking, horns, etc.
STREET CORNER_M30_2 – Noisy traffic passes, pedestrians, talking, distant brakes squeak, etc.


#126 Eric Matyas
Well, WAV files proved too large to upload onto Gumroad in any reasonable amount of time (we’re talking 1900+ tracks) so I’m uploading Ogg files instead. I’ve started with my Fantasy page. They sound really great…give them a try!

Meanwhile, if anyone has requests for WAV versions of tracks you happen to like, feel free to contact me.

That said, this week’s new free tracks are:

On my Action 3 page:

WILD WEST COAST RACING 8 – (Looping) – Here’s another one that features a blues-y chord progression (in the C and D sections) giving it a very subtle humorous feel.


On my Puzzle Music 4 page:

PUZZLE JOURNEYS – (Looping) – Maybe for some kind of futuristic puzzle game…or perhaps something else.


And on my AMB - Urban Ambience page:

STREET CORNER_P-29 – Traffic, people talking, distant brakes squeaking, construction, bicycle passes.

STREET CORNER_P-29_2 – Less traffic. Pedestrians talking, cars beep, bicycle passes, distant horns, truck pulls up, air brakes from truck, subway heard underground coming into station, another subway passes underground, distant helicopter.

STREET CORNER_P30 – Traffic passes, people pass on sidewalk, car horn, etc.


I hope some of my work is helpful!
#127 MartinA-P
I must admit: I saw your post a few days ago in another forum.
This looks great and I'm quite sure, that your stuff is very helpful - for me and a lot of other people.
Thanks a lot Eric.
#128 Eric Matyas

Super high-quality Ogg files are now available for every track on my Fantasy 1 page as well as my Sci-Fi/Space page. And for about half of the tracks on my Looping Music page and my Horror/Surreal page. They sound amazing…almost as good as uncompressed WAV files…give them a try if they work in your projects.

Meanwhile, if anyone has requests for Ogg versions of tracks that you happen to like but aren’t on the site yet, just let me know and I’ll be happy to upload them for you.

That said, I have a couple of band new free tracks ready:

On my Funny 6 page:
SEWER SHENANIGANS – (Looping) – Maybe for humorous monsters underground…or funny criminals up to who-knows-what down there.

On my Puzzle Music 4 page:
CYBER LIGHT CHASE – (Looping) – Perhaps for a faster-paced puzzle game? Or maybe something else?


...also check out: