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grad filter pins in Lightroom not showing.

#1 Timelapse_OC
Hi all.

After I setup my keyframes and drag to lightroom, I begin my edits in lightroom. When going to add a grad filter or radial filter, according to the instructions, the 4 pre-positioned filters or 2 radial filters are not there. If I add a filter of my own, and then try to sync, I get an error message.

Anyone know why the filters are not present?

As an FYI, I am doing an astro timelapse with 850 photos and 8 keyframes.


#2 gwegner
Please check, if Lightroom is setup to show the pins (in the Toolbar - T). Set them to always show. If the metadata travelled correctly, the gradients should be there.
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#3 Timelapse_OC

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