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Half speed workflow best practice

#1 bornofthemist
Kia ora tatou,

So I have a project that basically requires me to provide astro timelapse sequences with the slowest and smoothest movement possible. The final output required is 8K. Have minimized my shutter speeds as much as possible in capture to help at that end but am hoping to slow these down by factor of 2 (half speed). Am currently using the private licence to render and I am getting decent results using 1/2 speed and motion blur plus set to low. But as I understand it this merely doubles the frames with no interpolation between them? I guess my question is am I better off rendering the tiff sequences in after effects and applying frame blending. Or sticking w lrtimelapse and acquiring a pro licence to do my final 8k outputs in pro res. What am I losing in the render process by rendering the final sequence in after effects and is it worth the trade off considering my requirements for essentially half speed material?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nga mihi,


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#2 gwegner
At the end you can do it in After Effects as well as in LRTimelapse. After Effects will give you more flexibility, LRTimelapse more convenience.
The advantages of LRTimelapse Pro are not only in the Render module, which allows for higher resolutions than 4K, Prores etc. but also in the Batch-Processing abilities which would help you tremendously when doing multiple sequences. Check out the bottommost tutorial on https://lrtimelapse.com/tutorial/
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