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HG not working after latest 5.06 update

#21 gwegner
Dustin, I'm also on the latest Lightroom CC Classic and LRT 5.06. I've done lots of holy grail and never had any problems. So we'd have to sort out what exactly is going on. As I already asked above, some simple test would be good to try to narrow down, what exactly is causing the problems. Use a short sequence only (part of a sequence in a dedicated folder would be fine for testing), do a simple HG workflow, edit the Exposure only in Lightroom, see, if it works. Then start adding more development tools.
The log file and a zip with a sequence where the problem happens with would definitely help me to narrow down what's going on.
You can send it via https://fromsmash.com to support(at)lrtimelapse(dot)com
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