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High MP vs Low Mp for timelapse

#1 Alexcpt
Hi All

New to the forum here and been using Lrtimelapse since v3 and loving the software, the ultimate timelapse tool out there in my personal opinion.

I have scoured the internet and cant seem to find a decisive answer on a simple question so heres the scenario.

I have two full frame DSLR's a D600 and the legendary D700.

I've shot time-lapse with both and lean more toward the D700 mainly because that shutter can take a massive beating and most likely will outlast the D600, as well all know its much much better build (made in Japan ftw)

Also, the raw files only being 13/14 mb on average and sometimes 16mb (strangely when shooting astro).

Big raw files are a pain to work with and the D600 on average is near 30mb and yes i know its pretty much twice the resolution (12mp vs 24mp)

Now i know the D600 has a better dynamic range, not by much to be honest actually and the D700 actually clips specular highlights much later than the D600 so it tends to have a greater headroom for ETTR but has more shadow noise so i always try push it as far as i can.

Now back to the question, sorry for rambling but when exporting to 4k (3840 x 2160) what benefit would a 24mp sensor have over the 12mp sensor, since the above resolution is 8mp, 12mp gives you some headroom.

i cannot see a detailed difference when the sequence is downscaled to 4k on both DSLR's using the exact same glass (Tamron 15 - 30 btw)

Now i understand that with a 24mp you can do alot more zoom and panning because you have more resolution to play with but a slider gives a better effect anyway if you want the movement.

So my question is simple, i export the jpegs in 8bit, original resolution at a pre-cropped a 16:9 ratio and then render to 4k in Lrtimelapse (or original if i want to do further edits in premiere pro)

I would love to hear what you guys think, personally at 4k i cannot see any difference at all between these two DSLR's!

Cheers guys!
#2 gwegner
If you don't need the dynamic range, go for the D700. The higher resolution is rather a disadvantage than an advantage, especially in terms of processing time.
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#3 Alexcpt
Hey Gunther

Thank you so much

Exactly what i was thinking, theres not much between the D600 and D700 unless i drastically underexpose

I shoot here in Cape Town, i see you were once here timelapsing!

Thanks again and thanks for the brilliant software, using it for 2 years now and its amazing to see how it progressed


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