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Holy Grail spot removal technique

#1 hugoroberts@hotmail.com

I have been using LRTimelapse for a few months now and am enjoying the results I am beginning to achieve. This week I attempted the Holy Grail technique but have struggled to remove several spots that appeared on my camera's sensor. So far when I use Lightroom's spot heal tool it creates an obvious circle when exported to video. This is not something I have experienced when using the techniques outlined in Gunther's first two tutorials. I have employed the spot removal technique right at the end of the workflow as suggested on this forum and the spots no longer appear when exported to video. When exactly during the Holy Grail workflow should I use the spot removal technique to remove a couple of spots that appear throughout the 1000 or so images? Any suggestions welcome.

Many thanks.
#2 gwegner
Spot healing is not supported by LRTimelapse. You can try applying it at the very end of the process in Lightroom, then synching only the spot healing to all images and export. But since Lightroom will choose the source for the spot healing independently for each image this might be still visible and give atifacts when exporting. There is not much I can do abot that I fear...
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#3 hugoroberts@hotmail.com
Thanks for getting back to me Gunther. Your response puts my mind to rest as I thought I was doing something wrong. As you say, I am seeing small circular artifacts as LR uses different parts of the image to rectify. I think I may need to shoot with a wider aperture and an ND filter, and also a very clean sensor and lens, therefore eliminating the occasional spots I am seeing. Many thanks for your swift response, clear tutorials and impressive software. Huw
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