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Holy Grail Tutotial for SYRP Genie Mini

#1 seawildearth
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrSuWzBX...26&list=WL]

A short video I recently produced for the guys at SYRP. It covers me shooting a motion Holy Grail sequence using their Genie Mini and then through to the editing phase with LRTimelapse Pro and Adobe Lightroom. 

I must adit I failed to mention the final Read from Metadata before exporting the final sequence for those who note that. Apaprt from that this is my technique, it may vary from some but I get results that I'm happy with.

"A man is only as big as the dreams he dares to live"
#2 jcourtial
Hi there

Great tutorial. I have tried it twice now and every time I tried to change the shutter speed or iso on my camera, I seem to move the camera ever so slightly which impacts the genie mini rotation. So i can really see a bump in the final editing, no matter how careful I try to be.

How do you manage to keep it so smooth?
#3 Tom Finnigan
I'm running 2 axis Syrp with qDSLR dashboard LR Timelaps Holy Grail via WIFI on a Nikon D7100 and i'm getting great results.
The Wifi drops out once or twice over several hours but that is the only problem.
I'm looking forward to getting the track and third axis.
#4 Kaiokai
Hey Mark 

I use the Genie Mini a lot for my timelapses but now i have one problem, the trigger function is loosing connection by the aux Port where you put in the remote cable. So my timlapse now have some missing frames do you no a software which can generate a missing picture while panning ?

Kind regards 

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