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Homemade Motion Controller with LRTimelapse Pro-Timer

#31 abejarutas
I am interested, but I can not contribute much because my experience I based on the robot of Pi2Go raspberry with Python.

Even so I am translating the messages of that German thread with the translator of google and yours to Spanish ...
What is clear is that the box would not be worth it because it is different size and changes the mechanics. But the conception is in line with the project of Gunther and the work of PedroF. And that is the most important.
Thank you all and encouragement.
Jesús Serrano
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#32 ptweet
I would gladly donate to someone if they were to make this work. I was about to pay someone on fiver.com to work on this. I see a lot of potential, but I am wondering if something more heavy duty than arduino is in order

...also check out: