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How correct some parts of the images before the entire workflow of LRtimelapse?

#1 gs87nt
Hi guys!

I have an issue with a timelapse where there are some portions of the image that I would cut off. Those portions are some lights that in the timelapse are blinking and lighting the mountains in the frame.

The time-lapse was taken during the night, so the mountains and the land have every time the same color and the same exposition.

If I work on the images it's pretty simple to correct all the frames where those lights are turned on.

The issue is that LRTimelapse works on the raw files and these lights have effects on all the process of LRTimelapse (until deflickering).

So, how can I correct this problem?

Thanks for your time!
#2 gs87nt
Maybe I could create a sequence of DNG? Could LRTimelapse works with DNG files?
#3 gwegner
Yes LRT can work with DNG files. But I still don't really understand what your problem ist.
If you want do do some stamping/cloning, I'd recommend to do that on the exported intermediary sequence (JPG or TIFF) before passing it to the renderer. We already discussed this here a couple of times, check it out via the search feature.
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