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How do you support your motion control system?

#1 Novelectro
I've gotten fairly comfortable with my DP system over the past 2 weeks and am now trying to figure out the best way to support it (beyond using just the bipods).

I purchased 2 Zomei Z818 tripods off of Amazon to use at each end but thus far I'm not loving the results.  The tripods aren't expensive, but the weight capacity seems fine, I just don't like how I have to play with them so much. Its tough to get them to not rock a bit, and its tough to get the slider perfectly level.  Ive tried with and without the ball heads.

So what is best practice?  Is there something else I can try with these 2 tripods or am i better off doing something else, like 1 heavy tripod, etc?
#2 gwegner
The tripods should be okay. Leveling the slider with the 2 tripods requires some practice. I made good experiences with a standard bubble level like this: https://amzn.to/2slcbvB
I don't recommend using one tripod only.
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#3 Novelectro
That's a relief to hear, Gunther. I will keep cracking on.
#4 olav
I've tried a setup with one tripod using a sirui k 40x head and it works ok with my 80 cm and 60 cm slider, but on the 120 cm rig it gets unsusable unless I use a very light camera/mobile phone and no pan/tilt solution.

I went back to using 2 tripods and have something similar to your 818 tripods which works great, but as stated buy Gunther I find it harder to level it plus it takes some work to get the weight distribution even on all 6 tripod legs to make it max sturdy. You can risk getting slight movement when the camera moves it's weight over on the other tripod when moving from one side to the other, so it's propably good to do a camera dolly move to check that it doesn't move.


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