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How does LRTimelapse work with embedded XMP in DNGs?

#1 Sinsear
I have the checkbox "automatically write changes into XMP" enabled in Lightroom and all of the sidecar files are embedded directly into the DNG. It looks like LRTimelapse creates and uses XMP files that are NOT embedded into the DNGs. Is there a way to get LRTimelapse to do the same without creating a separate XMP file for every image?
#2 Ralph
as far as I know, automatically write changes into XMP must not be enabled. It's inactive with me, and everything works there.
#3 Sinsear
What happens if it's enabled like the way I have it?
#4 gwegner
It's two things: LRT will read embedded or sidecar xmp, whichever is more recent.
The same goes for Lightroom.
LRT will always write sidecar, because that's faster.
So both programs work together perfectly.

Now to the second thing:having LR writing xmp automatically. When using the LRT workflow I don't recommend and support having that option set. It's better when you control when the xmp data will be written. You cannot control when LR does this, and this might cause issues in the workflow, for example making the visual preview generation never complete etc.

I don't support the scenario, when you have that option enabled.
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#5 Sinsear
Ok, thanks for the info. I have it unchecked now.

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