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How to move the filters and export presets to SSD location

#1 mortenh
Thanks for an awesome piece of software. It is a true pleasure to work with.
One question though - and I apologies if it has been answered.

To make the filters show up, I have to untick the checkbox "store presets with the catalog"

Since I am using my LR between my Imac and macbook pro I have my catalog in my SSD drive - together with all my presets etc.
I have tried to copy all the LRT preset folders to that location, but Lightroom does not see them.

Any way I can make this work, so that I don't have to switch multiple times during the workflow.

All the best
#2 gwegner
This is not officially supported. You might be able to figure out where the filters etc have to go, in the Lightroom settings, you can make Lightroom show the location of the addons etc. If you create a user filter for example, you should be able to find, where Lightroom puts that one and then copy the LRT filters there also. The same for scripts and the plugin and export presets.
This faq post might help: http://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-lrt4...-installed
But as I said, I don't support this officially and you will have to redo it with every LRTimelapse update that you are installing.
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#3 mortenh
Thanks for a very fast and great reply.
I will try and make this work.
It would be awesome if it is possible to make an option somehow so make it work in a future version. I have absolutely now knowlege whatsoever if this is at all possible or in your interestSmile

Once again thanks for a great program - I am looking forward to showing it in one of my future youtube videos.

All the best
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2019-08-27, 16:58
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