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Iceland Roadtrip Aftermovie 2013

#1 1tio1

So I finally finished editing my first real project, the aftermovie made of all the footage me and my buddy collected during our trip in Iceland back in February 2013.

My first project with only 4 months experience using a DSLR. No experience shooting video and editing video whatsoever.

Not only timelapse, mainly normal video footage. But the sequences on its own weren't enough to make a movie out of it. So this makes a far more better and consistent movie in terms of the story. Also, when on a vacation it's hard to find the time to do timelapse when your travelling with other people who don't do photography and such. And a strict schedule is not ideal as well. I think I have to go on a dedicated timelapse trip once Smile

All the sequences are edited with Lightroom 5 and LRTimelapse and compiled in After Effects CS6, rendered in Apple ProRes and afterwards the final editing in Premiere Pro CS6.

So this is timelapse in combination with normal footage. I thought it would be strange, but it turns out pretty neat in my opinion. I deliberately choose for Icelandic tracks to match the sequences and synchronize them a bit on the different shots.

Let me know what you think and certainly feel free to like and share and subscribe. More to come in the near future Smile

#2 pdionnephoto
I really like your Timelapse!
Best regards from Quebec City
Photo --> Whispering Iceland | 4K
2017-07-16, 00:11
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