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Image Alignment?

#1 suncloud
I was wondering if a feature like this could be added to LRT. A way to "align" the frames/images to correct extremely small movements of camera/tripod during a windy day, for example. It would very similar to "Align Layers" in Photoshop . . . where images are shifted to "line up" (pixel positioning) . . . would this be possible, feasible or a valuable addon ??? Am loving your software and "vision."
#2 gwegner
Currently I have no idea on how to do this, maybe with an external plugin, but I didn't find one that was suited yet.
In any case this could only happen on the exported intermediary files (not the raw files).
Imho it's easier and faster to use a stabilization feature in a video editing program (most of them offer a feature like Warp Stabilizer etc.) when producing the final video.
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#3 suncloud
Yes, image stabilizer is a good solution . . . thank you!

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