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Interval Ramping Question

#1 tipper

I'm looking into buying the LRT Pro Timer.

One question about interval ramping. I've read the summary page but this is not entirely clear.

Am I able to manually change the interval on the fly whilst continuing to shoot? Or do I have pre-program the interval change?

I hope this question is clear enough but if there is any confusion I'm looking to shoot a timelapse where I know I will need to change the interval but I'm not sure exactly when. So pre-programming the time at which the interval will change to doesn't work. I need to eyeball it and then make the change live, in real time, at the appropriate moment.

How much flexibility is there with this feature?

#2 gwegner
Currently you can only start the interval ramping during an ongoing shooting. You can't preprogram it (this might be added in a future firmware).
The reason is, that I also found it's hard to predict, when to do the ramping. That's why I find it most useful to start shooting with a certain interval and during shooting when I feel I want to ramp for longer intervals (for example the sun has set, clouds are not too dominant and I decide to go until the stars, then I click to bring up the shooting menu, set the time for the transition and the destination interval (all while the shooting continues) and then start the ramping.

I hope this answered your question.
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#3 tipper
OK great. So at this moment in time it can only behave like I want it to. Excellent! Now I've just got to find a way to buy this Smile I wonder if Amazon.de ships outside Germany...
#4 MMeier
Hi, Try mygermany.com to ship it if you are outside European countries where amazon.de does not ship to.

...also check out: