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Intervalometer blocks the camera for too long - how to get around it?

#51 Not A Speck Of Cereal
Success for my first attempt with the timer hack, same colors as posted in the intervalometer hack video, Nikon camera with DC0 cable. I can change the exposure settings on the camera during any phase of the exposure/interval. 

I'm mainly posting to say that I could not find the Pixel TC252 for a reasonable price. Looking on Amazon, there were third-party offers for at least $60US.

So I took a chance on the $20US Pixel TC3 and it worked just as described (as mentioned, same colors). It also has plug-in cables available for a variety of camera types.

Thanks, Chris
#52 gwegner
It would have been better to open up a new thread with a meningful name for the second part (question about your timer) - so that people can find it via search. If you do so, please edit this post and remove the part from this post. Thanks.
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