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Irregular flicker

#1 dwhitebread
I'm editing a night sequence and used Deflicker to take care of the general flicker, but there are two parts of the sequence where the flicker seems to be irregular in the frame. If I select one area to adjust, another part of the frame gets worse, and vice-versa. The magenta Visual Preview curve is flat using a large Reference Area, but then I get a spikes pointing down if I select one small Area, and pointing up if I select the other Area.

I know I'm making it all worse with some pretty heavy Clarity adjustment, but it's happened before, and I'd like to see if anyone else has found a solution that doesn't involve manually adjusting frame by frame.

#2 dwhitebread
I thought I'd seen them all, but I just looked at another post where there is mention of "contrast flicker" I'm guessing this is my problem, but could use some more info. Bitte, Gunther?
#3 gwegner
Just use the search feature for that, we already discussed this topic quite a lot of times already. It's bevmcause if too heavy editing with non linear adjustments.
There is also a faq about that:
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