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Is LRT deleting my files?

#1 asafaric

it's been now for the 2nd time already, that LRT deleted an entire folder and I was not able to recover the deleted files. I suspect the "Delete intermediary sequence after rendering" option is causing it as I have changed the "Task" folder to another where I had the original files stored. After the TL was rendered, the original files were just sent into oblivion and were nowhere to be found (trash bin, hidden folders, etc...).

Is there a way to avoid it in the future or are my deleted files still somewhere? Tnx
#2 gwegner
I had no single report yet from people that managed to have LRTimelapse deleting their original files without intention, and I cannot imagine a scenario where this could happen (apart from choosing delete on a folder).
So I suspect you must be messing something really up.

Rule number one is to set the Output Folder to a different location then the original files. If you export into the same folder you will get a huge mess. I'm still not sure how you got LRT to delete the original files however, because even if you select to "Delete Intermediary sequence after rendering" it will delete the LRT_* folder that has been exported from Lightroom, but nothing more.

Anyway: make sure to keep the original folders in one dedicated location. Put all time lapse sequences to a location where you have a folder called Timelapse_ORIGINAL.
Use another drive or totally different location for the exported and finished sequences, for example Timelapse_DONE.
Make sure that unter Timelapse_ORIGINAL you have subfolders for your individual sequences and nothing more. Don't nest folders. Any timelapse folder should be a child folder with no other folders inside.

If you work with discipline and have a good order in your files, you will certainly never loose anything again.
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#3 Videotrev
The same thing happened to me. I clicked "delete folder" believing it would remove the files so I could re-import them as new and my files finished, nowhere to be found. I've since looked into this and now know the right way to do it but the simple mistake has been made and my files are gone. Not in the trash, not on my hard drive, nowhere. Is there a way to resolve this issue? Very bummed to have lost all 3 time-lapses from my trip.

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