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ISO changes before Shutter changes, Max. Exposure Time doesn´t take effect

#1 lighthunters
Hi Gunter, hi guys,

I have recently bought a Sony A7R II, yesterday I tried to shoot some TL using qDSLR Dashboard on a iPad Mini 4.
As I read on Gunthers website, I have installed the latest version of Sonys Wireless Controller to ensure the connection is working properly.

Setting up the camera in M mode, I set the aperture and shutter speed, as well as ISO to get a correct exposure. After that, I set up QDDB with the LRT interface, setting it on sunset and Auto Holy Grail. I set the max. exposure time to 4 seconds, and max. ISO to 12800.
I started the timelapse at around 19:00. When it became darker, I noticed that QDDB increased ISO (I set it to 100 on the camera at the beginning) instead of slowing down the shutter. From what I have read, in "Sunset" mode the app should first decrease shutter to the max exposure time before increasing ISO?

When I noticed this, I set the reference point manually, and ISO began to decrease slowly, while also decreasing the shutter speed to get a right exposure.

After some time it was back at ISO100, but then the shutter speed was at 8s! Obviously QDDB didn´t care about the 4s I have set to be the longest exposure time.

Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? Should I set the ISO on "Auto" directly on the camera? Thanks for your help!

Best regards,
#2 gwegner
The Auto Holy grail in qDDB will always ramp in the order shutter, aperture, iso.
Never turn on auto-iso in the camera.
Please try again, you could do it during the day by dimming the light or lowering the window shields.
Make sure to use a fast intervalometer that doors not block the camera, see http://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-inte...-around-it

Experiment with this before doing a real shot again. If the camera control works technically, the logic is always like this.

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#3 crdeantonio
I always found qDSLR Dashboard and my Sony A7RII to be very buggy, but haven't tried in recent months. I jumped ship a while back and adopted the Timelapse + VIEW device into my timelapse workflow when I'm doing day to night / night to day stuff. It works beautifully.
#4 lighthunters
Thanks, I will try it again today and let you know if it works better than before!
#5 lighthunters
I tried QDDB in LRT mode yesterday, it worked as it should! I changed the settings in the Smart Remote App (I only set ISO to 100 and captured RAW+JPG) before triggering the intervalometer, it worked like a charm! Smile Thanks guys, and thanks Gunther for your great work

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