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Iso invariance, keeping rather low iso values and LRtimelapse

#1 labadie
Hello, I use Qdslr + Lrtimelapse, and very happy with the results :-)

I have a question about the way Lrtimelapse will react if I block the ISO at a rather low value (800 or 1600) during a sunset -> milky way timelapse).
I have an Iso invariant sensor (on the D750), so it's better to shoot at ISO 1600 max and post-process in lightroom rather than reaching high Iso values (6400 or more) to keep more dynamic range and less blown highlights (as explained here : https://fstoppers.com/landscapes/iso-rev...750-144755).

But doing this in a holy grail timelapse means the light values of the stills will collapse during the timelapse after the sunset, as ISO 800 or 1600 is not enough to match sunset lights at night.

How will LRtimelapse react to this ? If I process the keyframes in lightroom as usual, I would add 2Ev for example to get a correct exposure (given the ISO invariance of the sensor it's not a problem). But if LRtimelapse adds after that it's own correction this will yield overexposed / noisy images.
#2 gwegner
LRTimelapse will not interfere with this. The only adjustments that LRT could do is Holy Grail and/or Deflicker - and both will be relative adjustments only.
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