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Ken burns crop animation (pan / zoom) with LRTimelapse?

#1 gwegner
In theory, while editing the keyframes in Lightroom you could also opt for different
zooms (crops) for different keyframes.

With this scenario, LRTimelapse would then also be able to calculate the dimensions of intermediary images and thereby make it possible to craft artificial panning and zooming shots.

Unfortunately, this method has some disadvantages, and so I don't recommend
it anymore

The background is that Lightroom can only crop images to whole pixels, which can lead to unsightly juddering in the resulting videos.

Furthermore, the video encoder sometimes quits when the resulting images do not all have exactly the same size. With the rounding-off that occurs with Lightroom cropping, this can not always be guaranteed.

That's why I recommend that you not animate the crops (Ken Burns Effect) with LRTimelapse, but rather output the video, with a fixed crop or uncropped, with a higher resolution and then create an artificial panning shot in the video post-production phase. Since at this stage, unlike in Lightroom, it's possible to work with fractions of pixels, you'll also get markedly smoother pans and zooms.

Of course this is independent from regular "static" crops, like cropping to 16:9, repositioning that crop etc.
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