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Key Frame Discrepancy

#1 UWChasm
Guten Tag!

Only 1 of 5 Keyframes is being generated by LRT, or Lightroom is only seeing 1 of the 5 reframes that I have created from the KeyFrame Wizard, Visual Workflow.  

I have used LRTimelapse successfully before and have created keyframes that my lightroom reads as metadata just fine.

It just generates one keyframe, not the 5 I have selected.  

I did upgrade my LRTimlapse firmware yesterday, to 4.7.6 Pro. 

However, my lightroom yesterday did read all the keyframe metadata just fine, after the upgrade.  Just today.  

Thanks for your help and support.
#2 UWChasm
Operator error. I think I figured it out. For some reason LR only sees 50 files in a folder containing 534 files. Out of sequence? Not sure. Anyway, problem solved. Moving on.
#3 gwegner
Okay glad you solved it.
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