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#1 eternalflight
In LRT Keyframe Wizard created 4 diamonds, then it was saved and dragged into LR. Imported, Go to folder in Library with stars on Key Frames. Then I opened up Frame and "Key Frame" is not in the list. "LRT5 Full Sequence" is there. I am in Library Mode and "add". Can't edit my Key Frames.

 I have done several time lapse and not had this issue.
#2 gwegner
Are you missing the "LRT5 Key frames" Filter?
In that car just reinstall LRTimelapse, restart Lightroom.
If that doesn't help, see: http://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-lrt4...-installed

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#3 eternalflight
OK! Will try that this evening.
#4 eternalflight
All went well with reinstalling LRTimelapse….. Thank You!

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