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Keyframes, Metadata, Editing from LRTimelapse not visible in Lightroom or vise versa

#41 javajack
I just purchased LRTimelapse and had been experiencing the same issues as others, so went down the checklist of things to check and at the end I still could not get the previews to render up back in LRTimelapse. I am doing this on a brand new MacBookPro, which of course only has 16 gigs of ram. I have the fastest processor a 2TB internal SSD, the best Mac laptop one can buy. Coming back to LRTimelapse resulted in a red bar under the preview window when Visual Previews was initiated. I began with a progress at about 3% which eventually went away showing no progress and a red bar. I have 1800 Panasonic GH5 raw files loaded that are full resolution. As a test last night I moved the entire project to my workstation that I use for feature films, television commercials etc. This is a Mac 12 core with expansion chassis for multiple Titan GPUs, 96 gigs of ram, very fast fibre drives, etc. I loaded it up on this machine and went round trip and immediately began getting a green progress bar with Visual Previews initiated. I was hoping to use this application remotely with my laptop, but looks like I need a lot more ram, which Apple still doesn't provide as an option on the MacBookPros, but the good news is it works well on a machine with a ton of ram.
#42 gwegner
You just need the latest Adobe Dng Converter to get the Visual Previews generated. You will find the download link for the latest DNG Converter on https://lrtimelapse.com/install
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