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Keyframes, Metadata, Editing from LRTimelapse not visible in Lightroom or vise versa

Hi Gunther. Everything has been working perfectly (meta data updating to and from Lightroom into LRT) until today. I did have this sync issue a few months ago and followed your steps to troubleshoot successfully. Only software change has been a Lightroom update from Adobe. I have since updated to your latest build version for LRT 5, but this did not resolve the issue. Only other change from my normal workflow is that I have imported a GoPro RAW (GPR) time-lapse sequence, but this shouldn't make any difference to the sync protocol. Any quick clues before I go through the long process of troubleshooting again? Thank you!! David
#62 Franktum
I was being in my living room one day in late April
with three of my partners; Janet, Diane, and also Karen.
It was late in the mid-day and while it might not
appear all that unusual for 4 women to be investing an
night talking together, it could appear so if I were to
inform you that we were all entirely naked.

Our little team gets with each other like this at one of our
houses regarding when a month, as well as it might inform you a bit
a lot more regarding us if I were to inform you that we were all
Bisexual as well. Our monthly event always starts with
all of us meeting for drinks at the house of the month.
We are all dressed to kill, but that is not where it

After a beverage or more it is time for the amusement
to begin. The hostess is intended to get points going,
so it was my resort to take off my dress initially, and afterwards
the others do the same. We all try to outdo each other
with the attractive underwear that we put on. A couple of mins of
looking each other over follows this, and then the
person hosting needs to do an erotic dance for the others.

By the time she, or me in this instance, is naked, the
others have actually started obtaining fairly near to each other.
The stripper after that has to go about, and also use her oral
abilities on the other three pussies in the room. Quickly,
we are all fairly nude, and also a real Lesbian orgy complies with.
We had actually simply ended up that when our talking began this

" Men are really shit!" Karen stated. She has to do with 5
feet 5 inches high, with a 36C-25-36 body, as well as long,
strawberry-blonde hair that has actually never stopped working to transform me
on. She was the most recent member of our team, having
signed up with right after her divorce a couple of months before.

" What do you mean?" I asked.

" Oh, Peg," she claimed, "I was just thinking about my ex lover-.
other half. I was a devoted wife to him for 5 years,.
as well as he kept telling me that he never even checked out.
an additional lady. You know that I captured him with the cunt.
I separated him over, now I figure out that she wasn't.
the just one. He had an entire stable of little chippies.
that he was doing, starting with a month after we got.
married. I obtained your home after we split, however I 'd sure.
like to pay him back even more.".

" Exactly how?" asked Janet, her blue eyes flashing as she obtained.
associated with the conversation. Janet was a little taller.
than Karen with blonde hair on her head and pussy, and also.
a body as good as any type of in the space.

" Why don't you reveal him that you can fuck about also?".
said Diane, who is only five foot 2, but with the.
fire of her red hair in her character, as well as a pair of.
tits topped by massive nipples that I simply liked to suck.

" Yeah!" said Karen. "I wish to do that. I 'd like to.
tackle a large number of guys, and video it to send out to.
him. He was constantly envious of other males also taking a look at.
me. It 'd drive him crazy.".

" We can do that," Janet said. "We might offer a celebration.
with simply the four people girls, and as lots of men as we.
might get. You can Gang Bang the lot of them, and.
I have actually even obtained a video camera to tape it with. We could.
even utilize my home." Janet laughed, assuming that she.
would certainly treat the tip as a joke.

Karen became thoughtful for a moment, and afterwards stated,.
" Could we? I imply I've constantly intended to attempt that. I had actually.
do it if the remainder of you would certainly be there too. I wouldn't.
intend to do it all alone, yet ... YES! I would certainly do it. What do.
you think?".

The remainder of us were a little stunned at her.
desire to do it, yet after some talk, we all.
started to warm up to the suggestion. We started to lay plans.
for the Gang Bang, as well as it appeared like we just could be.
able to pull it off.


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