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Kristoffer Molvig Showreel 2017

#1 Krimolvig
So, finally I get to finish my first real timelapse production. This is a showreel consist of what I think is the best shoots I've done so far. This is a small tryout for the big movie coming up later this year or next year. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments, I would love to improve Smile

Shot with a Canon 70D primarly with Canon 10-22mm and a revolve 1-axis dolly slider.

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv_SEnSJQco&t=7s]
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#2 Timelapser
Excellent... I really like how you have kept colours realistic and not given your images that fake overblown look.
#3 alfred feil
Beautifull work. I specially like the beginning sektion and the zoom blending. i think some parts with the tent should be less dark.

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