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Leveling the camera with BFM slider and NT Single Axis (Nic-O-Tilt)

#1 Jiheffe
Sorry guys if I post this here, but I wasn't able to login into BFMs forum... Double checked credentials but my IP address ended up being locked out...

Anyway, I received my bundle (Slider + 14:1 motor + Nic-O-Tilt) yesterday and I must is was a real pleasure to use it first time. High quality hardware, incredibly easy to program with the app...

But how do you do the leveling of your camera when you shoot 2-axes (slider and panning) when the slider is not level? I ordered a ballhead together with the bundle, expecting I could mount it on the panning head (Nic-O-Tilt) to achieve leveling when the slider is not level. But that does not work as the ballhead has a 3/8 thread. I was expecting that I could remove the Arca-Swiss plate on the Nic-O-Tilt to replace it by the ballhead but I don't think it's possible ? I guess the ballhead can only be used directly on the slider platform (which imho limits its usefulness).

So, how do you level your camera is these cases? Don't tell me to buy another Nic-O-Tilt! Will for sure happen some day but not right now :-)

#2 MMeier
The ball head is in my opinion always on the slider. You should give it a try. For me it works perfectly fine. Where do you see the limitations with this set up?
#3 Jiheffe
Well, the ballhead has a 3/8 thread with which I can fix on the Slider but the camera side is an Arca-Swiss clamp. But the NT doesn't have an Arca-Swiss at the bottom, only a 3/8 thread. So how will I fix the NT on the ballhead then? I guess I will need an Arca-Swiss L-frame then...
#4 MMeier
No, there is an arca plate on the bottom of the NT. There are two arca plates on each NT. One at the bottom and one on one side.

[Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/2019080...29c6d9.jpg]

[Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/2019080...0a97b1.jpg]

Does the ball head have an arca mount? Otherwise just get an arca mount and put it on the ball head.
#5 Jiheffe
Ah ok... my bad ;-) I didn't notice it when I directly fixed the NT on the slider yesterday... Thnx!

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