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Licensing: moving from Mac to Window

#1 gianlucacolla
I changed one of my Macs with a Win10 PC, and I can't use the licensing file I normally use for my Macs. It is actually not read by the software when I try to activate the licence. The licence file is fiscally on the drive but LRTimelapse do not see it. Do I need a specific Win License File to activate LRTimelapse on my new Windows machine? thanks for any help provided!
#2 gwegner
If you have the original license file from your email (*.lic file) you can install it via info/licensing on the new computer regardless if mac or pc. Just follow the instructions that came in the email with the license file.
If you want me to resend the license, please contact me directly via support(at)lrtimelapse(dot)com.
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