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Light jumps in sun

#1 Richard1975
hello, I am new to this form and relatively new in the world of Timelaps.
I have made a timelapse of a sunrise several times. both with manual exposure adjustment and recently with Qdslr.
I always end up with flicker in the sun.
In post I can see that on the points that the shutterspeed is adjusted the size of the sun is changing.
I'm doing something wrong, who can help me?
I was hoping that QDslrDashboard would fix the issue because it takes smaller steps in changing the shutter speed.
#2 gwegner
Sure, we already discussed this here a couple of times (use the search feature also).
Bottomline: the sun is always overexposed. The diameter of the overexposed area varies with the over exposure. If you change the camera exposure abruptly (like with the holy grail method), you'll see a change in diameter.
What you can do: expose less, change exposure in very small steps (1/3 stops) or better: avoid changing exposure while the sun is in the frame. Normally it's enough to start the holy grail ramping when the sun has set / is not overexposed anymore.
What you can do to fix a timelapse that you have already captured: try easing the over exposure on the keyframes by dragging down the highlights, use "Motion Blur Plus" when rendering to blur the sequence. But most likely you'll not be able to fix it entirely, so next time take care, when shooting.

Here is also a faq covering this: https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-pum...6#pid36576
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#3 Richard1975

Thanks for the quick response.
I tested it and it worked like a charm.

Thank you so much.

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