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Lightroom Keyframes Darker than LRT and ARW File?

#1 sdillon001
Steps Taken: Open LRT5 > Click on folder with ARW files > Keyframes Wizard > Holy Grail Wizard > Save > Drag to Lightroom

Issue: After 'Dragging to Lightroom" all of the images in Lightroom (attached files 03-05) are much darker than the original ARW file (attached file 01) and much darker than the LRT preview (attached file 02)?

You can actually see the previews in file 03 - half of them have the exposure of the original ARW file and half of them are turning dark? This happens to all of the files shortly after dragging to Lightroom, they import at the correct exposure then turn dark.

If I go off of the imported file that would lead me to increase the exposure more than necessary. Is there a setting in Lightroom that I'm missing?

I'm using the latest DNG Converter version: 11.2.1


01_Original_ARW_File_05 from SD Card
Attached Files
#2 Johnson
HI sdillon001,

After you add the keyframe in LRT and dragging to LR, you no need worry about your problem in this moment, you just switch the "01 LRT5 keyframes" and adjust the keyframe photos and save the data, then reload it and fine tune it in LRT, after finishing the visual deficker in LRT, load the data in LR again, it will not have half light half dark issue.

Detail please check the "LRTimelapse 5 – Holy Grail Tutorial" in https://lrtimelapse.com/tutorial/

#3 sdillon001
Thanks, I've read the tutorials and I understand the process. My problem is the Lightroom file that I'm basing all of my adjustments off of is much, much darker than the original file or the preview in LRT. This makes it difficult to know how much of an exposure / shadow / lights adjustment I need to apply.

But thanks for your reply
#4 Johnson
HI Sdillon001,

I saw your "02_LRTimelapse_preview_05", you need to adjust the yellow zig-zag near to the yellow horizontal line in the Holy Grail wizard section first.
#5 gwegner
Basically as Johnson said, the orange curve is pulling down the exposure a the beginning and dragging it up at the end. This is normal, you can ease this a little by bringing the curve more to the horizontal center but you'll do the rest when editing the keyframes.
Don't worry, you won't lose anything if you just compensate for this via exposure.
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#6 sdillon001
thanks, that makes sense
#7 sdillon001
Thanks very much Gunther, I'll give that a try

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