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Lightroom Performance Question

#1 paulwarren65
I am experiencing long delays in Lightroom when reading meta data from files and exporting photos to LRTimelapse during the video creation process.

Hopefully this is the correct place to ask for help in improving Lightroom performance.

What I am running.

   - IMac with 32 GB of memory running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6
   - Lightroom CC version 2015.6.1
   - Camera RAW 9.6
   - I have allocated 16GB to LRTimelapse 4
   - LR Cache is set at 20GB.
   - Running a single hard disk with 288GB free of 1TB
This is my first experience with LRTimelapse and I am not sure if it should be taking a long time to process metadata an export files for the video creation.   I do feel like I am sitting around for a long time.  The sequence that I am processing has 755 images.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.
#2 gwegner
But what you are experiencing, is obviously the performance of Lightroom... exporting hundreds of images unfortunately takes quite some time... I can only take responsibility for what LRTimelapse does (metadata reading/writing is much faster there) not for Lightroom.
However I'd suggest two things:

1. When reading/writing metadata, go to another folder in Lightroom, this will considerably speed up the process.

2. Prepare a couple of sequences and then render them in parallel during the night.

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