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Long Term option

#1 Graphections
Hi before I start this build I am wondering what the interval options / range are or can they be added?

I would like to use this for long term timelapses with the following specs.
1 Set interval to only shoot during the day
2 Set specific days to shoot (exclude weekends)
3 Be DC powered if AA's are removed (additional DC plug on-board)

Any help or links would be appreciated Smile

#2 gwegner
With the free timer you can't do any timed control, since it has no biult in real time clock.
With the new LRT Pro Timer 2 that I'm building right now, this would be possible, because it has a clock, but it's currently not implemented.
DC powering with a USB wall charger is no problem for any of the timers.
I'm currently getting a greater batch of LRT Pro 2 timers built, but it will still take some weeks. An then I have to check out how to do it with international shipping. I will keep you guys posted via my blog: https://lrtimelapse.com/blog
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